Houston Medical Practice Management for Physicians

Liberty Health empowers physicians in building their own private healthcare practices. By providing top-yielding medical products, best-in-industry services, and turnkey medical practice management solutions, physicians can cut through the red-tape and implement an independent healthcare practice that is both competent and lucrative.


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Vascular Surgeons
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Our Products



Modernize your healthcare practice by utilizing the cutting edge of modern medical technology with Biologics. Gain access to this set of revolutionary medical products through the procurement, fulfillment and Houston Biologics management networks of Liberty Health.


Advanced Wound Therapies

Manage progression of symptoms, prevent complications, and promote wound healing for your patients with chronic or non-healing wounds with a comprehensive suite of Advanced Wound Therapies. Improve outcomes for your patients with Liberty Health.



Deploy the most advanced of Houston medical devices for your facility with Liberty Health. Let our staff take care of your device needs so you can focus on your core calling – providing outstanding medical care.



Beyond providing the highest standard of healthcare to your patients, restore their quality of life by integrating these Houston Therapeutics into your treatment regimen. Enhance your practice with Liberty Health.


Surgical Hardware

Use only the best of the best in Surgical Hardware when you choose to work with Liberty Health. As an established Houston medical hardware distributor, Liberty Health can utilize its cast network to provide partner healthcare practices with the most cost-effective surgical hardware.



Liberty Health also specializes in the procurement of Houston Durable Medical Equipment. Upgrade your quality of care while also adding another stream of revenue for your independent healthcare practice.


Consulting Services

Practice Analysis and Assessment

Practice analysis and assessment is a crucial first step towards building your own private healthcare practice. With decades of experience in Houston medical practice management, our business managers with decades of experience can guarantee that your healthcare practice provides the highest quality of care while maintaining profitability.

Process Optimization and Automation

Once you have the healthcare practice running the way you want, the logical next step is optimization and automation. In this process, technology and knowledge—derived from years of studying best-in-industry practices—are utilized to streamline and optimize healthcare processes. The result is significant improvement in the quality of care provided, lowered costs, and an increase in profits.


Leave all matters compliance to Liberty Health’s Compliance Officer so you can focus on building and growing your healthcare practice the way you want to. Our compliance consultation service is integrated with previously identified processes, ensuring all systems, processes, and equipment are fully compliant with relevant standards, laws, and regulations.

Strategic Process Outsourcing

Focus on the performance of your core business functions without sacrificing the quality of healthcare provided to your patients by implementing Strategic Process Outsourcing. Aside from allowing your healthcare practice to specialize and focus on your strengths, Strategic Process Outsourcing also provides additional benefits to your organizations such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved service quality, among others.

Ancillary Services


Diagnostic imaging services such as X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, and ultrasound are a crucial element in the whole healthcare provision ecosystem and as such offers countless opportunities to expand your medical practice’s offerings. Get in touch with suppliers, distributors, and clients of Diagnostics services through Liberty Health’s vast network.


Capture medicine sales revenue by instituting an in-house pharmacy. This is a relatively low-cost and easy to implement ancillary service you can offer that has an unlimited upside potential.


Augment your practice’s laboratory equipment so you can conduct your own laboratory analyses such as blood tests, urine tests, and other diagnostics tests. Aside from business integration, which significantly cuts down on testing costs and waiting time, operating a laboratory that is up to industry standards opens another source of revenue for your private practice.

Practice Management

Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification is an essential component of practice management as it helps healthcare facilities to ascertain that patients have valid insurance coverage and are eligible for the medical procedure they seek. Standardize your insurance verification procedures with Liberty Health.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records offer a range of benefits over traditional paper-based medical records such as improved accuracy and completeness, ease of storage and access, and improved collaboration amongst healthcare providers. Modernize your patients’ health records with Liberty Health.


Scheduling is the lifeblood of your independent healthcare practice. A well-oiled scheduling system helps medical managers maximize efficiency, manage resources, improve patient experience, and increase revenue. Stay on top of appointment scheduling with Liberty Health.

Medical Billing Solutions

Medical billing solutions are a set of knowledge and technologies designed to help healthcare practices manage their medical billing and payment processes. Streamline and automate your billing processes with Liberty Health.


Convert spoken or recorded medical information into written electrical format for your patients’ health records. Introduce modern medical transcription technologies such speech recognition to your healthcare practice with the assistance of Liberty Health.

Practice the Way You Want to with Liberty Health

Liberty Health empowers physicians by affording them an opportunity to build their own private practice and provide healthcare the way they want to. By providing physicians with top quality medical products and tried and tested medical practice management consulting, our client-doctors can focus on growing and operating their private medical practice without having to deal with the bureaucratic red tape and the complications associated with the logistics of building a practice from the ground up. Call us now and liberate your practice with Liberty Health.


Liberty Health empowers physicians across Houston to practice medicine the way they always dreamed of. We remove the red tape and provide them with the tools they need to succeed by offering medical ancillary products and services.