Houston Medical Practice Management Services

In today’s healthcare landscape, the seemingly endless red tape prevents countless doctors just like you from practicing medicine the way you want to. After all those years in medical school, you deserve to run your practice like you dreamed of so you can help care for patients and make your practice profitable. 

Our Products and Services:

As a Houston medical practice manager, Liberty Health offer various products and services that liberate you of the red tape and help you scale your practice, including:

Skin Substitutes

Surgical Hardware

RPM/RTM (Remote Patient Monitoring)

Clinical Research

Pre-op Services

PNS (peripheral nerve stimulators)


AEEG (ambulatory electroencephalograms)

Ready to Empower Your Practice?

Liberty Health was founded on the desire to free physicians of the red tape that keeps them from running their practice the way they always intended to. If you’re ready to practice medicine the way you dreamed of, then please contact us. We look forward to liberating you and doing our part to improve your quality of care.


Liberty Health empowers physicians across Houston to practice medicine the way they always dreamed of. We remove the red tape and provide them with the tools they need to succeed by offering medical ancillary products and services.